Zesty Salad

Hot summer weather calls for cool, crisp food.  Nothing lives up to that description quite like a salad.
Your basic lettuce, carrots and tomatoes can get a little dull after a while. 

It's time to spicy things up, to keep eating those delicious greens but with a twist.

In the Andy's Market Test kitchen we wiped up a Zesty Salad for you and it couldn't be more simple.

Zesty Salad

Just start with your basic salad: lettuce, tomato, carrots.  Now add in a little (or a lot) avocado, olives, cooked corn, and rinse a can of kidney beans.   Ready to kick it up a notch?  Chop up a big handful of cilantro and toss that in.  Now instead of drizzling with  dressing, top with your favorite salsa.  Add and edit as you like.  A fresh way to keep the salads coming all summer long.

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